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Who are we

The K3 company offers its clients comprehensive implementation of Agro facilities. We build facilities on the basis of documentation provided by the Investor or in accordance with the design prepared by our design office. Due to 10 years of experience resulting from various designed objects and high qualifications of our engineering staff, we can undertake the following investments:

Poultry houses and farms

Poultry Buildings

Dairy and meat cowsheds

Cattle Buildings

Steel halls

Steel Halls

Machinery for poultry

Machinery for Poultry

Design and build

Design and Build

Why K3Agro

Nowoczesny park maszynowy

Enormous potential of opportunities

Up-to date machinery is one of many resources that gives us the opportunity to cooperate with the largest investors.

Z każdą realizacją coraz lepsi

10 years of experience

Each implementation is another opportunity for analysis and conclusions that tell us how to do it even better.

Dążymy do perfekcji w tym co robimy


Concentration on this area has ensured faster development and the position of the industry leader for many years.

Dbamy o to, by inwestycja była sukcesem


We support the investor by providing own solutions in every area of investment-related activities.

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