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Poland has been the largest producer of poultry in Europe for several years. Breeding facilities for broilers or turkeys are constantly changing, as market requirements are changing, as well as the efficiency and sanitary requirements, which need to be met.

In order not to forfeit the final effect of the poultry production/ broiler chicken fattening and turkey fattening process, we must ensure efficient catching and transport of poultry to the slaughterhouse. At this point, loading and catching machines are of great importance to complete the process.

Due to a higher productivity and, most imortantly, lower damage level, catching and machine loading are a better alternative than manual catching, which is used less frequently. This has a considerable impact on the final financial effect of production.

In Poland, we are the only representative of machinery of the family CMC INDUSTRIES company, which has been producing the machinery for 44 years in Italy. In the course of its activity, the company has registered 57 patents so far and it sells its products to the whole world, without any comparable rival on the market.

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