Offer Construction of Steel Halls

Comprehensive offer of steel hall construction

K3 AGRO company from the beginning of its activity, i.e. from 2007, began to build steel halls mainly for agricultural companies and then, together with the development of the company for customers of industrial industry of different purpose.

Our clients expected a quick realization of the planned investments. The possibilities of quick expansion or adaptation of buildings for other purposes were also important. The traditional technology of building such buildings as brick buildings with one or more layered walls, which has been generally used so far, has not always been in line with the expectations of our customers, mainly due to limited expansion possibilities, construction time and rising labour costs.

The technology of erecting objects commonly used in industry, using steel as the main structure of the building, and as a casing for materials such as sandwich panels, trapezoidal sheets or derivatives of modular materials, has been gaining momentum every year and has become well established in agro and industrial construction.

Due to the increasing requirements of fire regulations, we increasingly build steel halls using reinforced concrete main structure in the form of columns and girders and secondary structure in the form of steel. Nowadays, due to the available building technologies and excellent design tools, we are able to carry out any task.

Livestock buildings


Shelters and warehouses


Freezers and coolers




Processing plants


Industrial halls


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Implementation stages

- technological design
- concept/ development plan
- environmental arrangements to obtain environmental decision and development conditions
- preparation of a construction project and obtaining a building permit

- preparation of a cost estimate for obtaining a loan
- construction and supervision
- preparation of acceptance documentation and obtaining a permission to use

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