Poultry buildingsPoultry houses and farms

The optimal conditions for poultry farming are our priority.

We build and modernize individual objects, we implement entire farms including land development and complete construction documentation. Our goal is to build and provide comprehensive service with minimal investor involvement. Based on our experience in building farms and the knowledge and experience of our breeders, we know that important factors, which need to be taken into consideration while buidling the poultry houses and farms, are the following:

The sanitary conditions
Construction / insulation materials and finishing elements are selected in terms of the ease of maintaining cleanliness and maintaining the required, more and more restrictive sanitary conditions.

The optimal technology
A well-thought-out technological project by an investor / technologist is a starting point for us and a key to creating a concept and a project to be implemented.

The investment economics
We are aware that every breeder, investing in the construction of a new farm, draws attention to the economic aspect and expects the highest possible profitability. Being aware of that, when designing and building farms, we always optimize our solutions, maintaining their quality.

The materials quality
We use building materials resistant to the aggressive environment in the poultry house, which significantly reduce the degradation of the building (e.g. sandwich panels with special external facings and galvanized building structure).

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The fast implementation
Our poultry houses are designed to accelerate the construction and settlement process (up to 40%), which has a huge impact on the investment economy.

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Implementation stages

- technological design
- concept/ farm development plan
- environmental arrangements to obtain environmental decision and development conditions
- preparation of a construction project and obtaining a building permit
- preparation of a cost estimate for obtaining a loan
- construction and supervision
- preparation of acceptance documentation and obtaining a permission to use


Our solutions for poultry farmers

In livestock buildings, we attach great importance to ensure optimal conditions for animals, in order to guarantee adequate productivity. Below, we present our shed concept based on our and breeders


Feeding and watering systems
Installation of feeding systems, watering systems, suspended for construction in spacing, according to technological guidelines.

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Internal linings
The choice of internal linings allows the installation of boards in environments of varying degrees of aggressiveness (available coatings: PE, PVC, PDF, Fiberglass, NP60).

Building - up of the roof and walls
Installation of the roof and walls of sandwich panels, with a core in the form of a PUR or PIR polyurethane foam, with a recommended insulation thickness of 80 -120 mm.

Control / monitoring
The technical room / control rooms are built in a place chosen by the breeder to facilitate installation of the installation in the house.

Corrosion protection
Protected against corrosion by hot dip galvanizing.

Construction of the building
"The main structure is made of hot-rolled steel or girders. The optimal width of the house is 15- 24m, spacing of the structure frame every 6m.

Facility ventilation
Properly calculated air exchange has a huge impact on the welfare of the animals and the final breeding effect.

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